Acoustic Guitars

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My Acoustic Guitar designs build on time tested shapes and methods while integrating new approaches in ways that don’t draw great visual attention to these new features. These are beautiful instruments because of the materials chosen, the craftsmanship, and the sound and playability. They are not “all about” the new technology, but simply are enhanced by it.

A Little About How They're Made

Listen to an OM-T1

Elevated Fret boards are not new to guitars, but are more commonly found on Archtops. When applied to the Flat Top Acoustic, this neck/fret board arrangement is the first step in transforming the guitars top in the upper bout region from a stiff mass designed to support the pressures of the fret board into additional top area available for sound reproduction.


With the upper bout no longer having to support the end of the fret board, the internal bracing in upper bout can be significantly reduced allowing that portion of the top to begin to vibrate and contribute to the overall sound of the instrument.


Torque Transfer Bracing is then added to the top of the neck block, running diagonally down and out to the waist.  Although the fret board is no longer pressing directly on the top, there is still a large amount of torque on this section of the top from the string tension trying to fold the neck at the body joint.  These braces transfer this torque from the neck block to the sides where it can be dissipated with little effect on the instrument's tone.  

OM-T1 and T1C (Cutaway)


15.25" Lower Bout, 19.5" Body Length, 4" Max Depth

Solid Sitka Spruce or Redwood Top

Honduran Mahogany or Rosewood Back and Sides

Ebony or Rosewood Fretboard

25" Scale, Jumbo Frets

LR Baggs Lyric Pickup

Bone or Tusk Nut and Saddle

Nitro Finish

Reunion Blues Continental Case


As Shown $3,800

This guitar is also available as a Jumbo OM (JOM) with a 16" Lower Bout, 20" Body Length, 4.5" Max Depth.


As with all my instruments, you are not limited to what's listed here.  Scale length, wood type, binding, inlays etc are all available for you to specify.