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R.C. Allen

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With the help of Deke Dickerson, longtime friend of R.C. Allen’s, RC's forms and presses used to produce archtop guitars have come to reside here in my shop. RC built instruments for well-known musicians  -  Merle Travis, Hank Thompson, Eddie Dean, Joe Maphis, Del Casher, Roy Lanham, Michael O’Dorn, Bob Saxton and others. RC had been building guitars since the early 50’s and was an important link to the past having received guidance in guitar building from Paul Bigsby and John Doypera, the creator of the dobro and was large fixture in the early Sothern California Guitar revolution along side Bigsby, Doypera, Moserite, Richenbaker, Standel, Fener, Fullerton and others

RC Allen

Photo Courtsy of Deke Dickerson

Deke Dickerson and Barry Grzebik

"Grez Archtop Guitars are my interpertation of the guitars RC built and are created using his tooling."

Deke and Barry in RC's Shop.

Watch these two videos to see RC's tools in action!

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