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Demos and Live Shows

Rodney Gene Jr.      RC-5 17" Archtop

R.J. Ronquillo    SR-14 Semi-Hollowbody

Tim Lerch      RC-G1      16" Archtop

R.J. Ronquillo   Mendocino Baritone

Mark Johnson     Mendocino Custom

Tommy Harkenrider  SR-15 Semi-Hollowbody

Nick Moss with The Mendocino @ 2:54

Paul Pigat      Nightingale       15" Archtop

Kyle Jester      RC-G1     16" Archtop

Phil Jones   OM-T1 Acoustic

From The Workshop

What make the Grez SR Series Tick

Semi-Hollowbody Body Resonances

Building an R.C. Allen Guitar Part 1

Building an R.C. Allen Guitar Part 2

Mendocino Shop Assembly Photos

Laminated Spruce Top Construction

Maple and Spruce Top Archtop Voices

Grez Acoustic Guitar Construction

Pickup "Out-of-Phase" Tone Demo

Fretboard Edge Treatment

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